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The 2014 Peñin Guide classifies the wines from Bodegas Crin Roja as "Very Good Wines"

  • 08-11-2013


The 2014 Peñin Guide to Spanish Wines has been published and Bodegas Crin Roja wines have been rated within the range of 85-89 points, considered by the Guide to be "Very Good Wines", standing out for the nuances acquired during their long vinification and/or ageing process or for those inherent in the grape variety.


5 stars: excellent value for money


*Crin Roja Cabernet Sauvignon- 85 points


*Crin Roja Macabeo- 85 points




4 stars: good value for money


*Montal Macabeo Airén - 86 points


* Montal Monastrell - 86 points